Handmade Indigenous Beaded Bracelet


These sacred beaded bracelets have been created by Kamëntša natives from Putumayo region in Colombia. Colors and design are inspired by the visions they have when they drinking their sacred medicines (plant admixtures), mainly Ayahuasca (Yagè). Each item has been blessed in ceremony and carries a strong spirit from the heart of Colombia.

  • Handmade item
  • Bracelet length: 290 Millimeters
  • Materials: Glass, Cord
  • Closure: Tie
  • Adjustable


Bead weaving is an ancient technique and was originally crafted using small colorful jungle seeds (from plants such as sirindango – Renamia alpinia). Some legends says that ancient shamans – during their astral voyages – were able to dive to the bottom of the pool below Rainbow Waterfalls in the Churumbelo hills, where they collected the beads and brought them to the surface and on this plane of reality.

A more materialistic account tells that during recent colonization history, settlers brought the first chaquira beads as bargaining chips, and managed to exchange them for much more valuable products, exploiting indigenous trust and naiveness. Over the years, the natives grew more cunning and learned to make use of this material, turning it again into something precious, and nowadays as well into a source of income.

The Czek chaquira used in the products we offer is made of glass and is of higher quality than the cheaper chinese brands, often made out of plastic.

Every piece is unique and in its history and design carries a piece of indigenous narrative, folklore and cosmology.

This is a fair-trade product, to buy it helps supporting native people from Colombia.

Additional information

Weight 5 g
Dimensions 290 × 37 mm


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