Rosemary – BANJARA Incense


Banjara Incense is a traditional incense brand with an emphasis on pure and natural ingredients. Use these incense sticks for purification, meditation, rituals, and prayers.

Quantity: 15g
Burn time: 40 minutes Approximately
Hand made

Keep out of reach of children.
Use only on an inflammable base or holder.
Burn in a ventilated area away from flammable objects and draughts.
Never leave burning incense unattended.
Ensure stick is extinguished before discarding.

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Itzam Na – The Cameleon
Because it’s colour-changing ability, it is the symbol of change. It is also signifies stability, perception and determination. The cameleon can also change based on its moods, thus it makes a wonderful symbol for emotion. Thus it represents patience, curious, stable and adaptive.

Abundance I want and demand
Listen now to this command!
Prosperity I will surely see
Bring it to me.
So mote it be!

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 238 × 45 × 24 mm


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